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The added value of your network cabling

In the past 15 years, we have created, built, and developed marketing and technical networking cabling solutions with strong added value in copper and optical fibre transmission supports.

We aim at your goals by our customization and expertise.

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HTD-ID is a relevant and discrete partner, helping different companies to build strong identity and earn market share. We can do that thanks to our ability to find and optimize differentiating key factors.

You want to build a strong reputation in your country and abroad?

HTD-ID's marketing skills and technical know-how will help you consolidate your growth in the long term.

If you want to know more about what we can do for you and lead your business to success, apply for call or send a message. We’ll look to answer you as soon as possible!

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Your objectives

First and decisive step is to listen to your needs and your expectations. This will define our method and strategy.

To maximize our impact, we need to be strong linked with our clients and the understanding of the project is essential for us.

Achieving objectives allows a company to project itself into its competitive environment.

HTD-ID, by its ability to adapt the required growth effort to sometimes thorny economic constraints, facilitates the commercial act as well as its sustainability.

From idea to prototype

Designing and innovating is often time consuming and requires expensive talent in the long run. HTD-ID offers exclusive outsourced help,  ad hoc or monitored, aimed at perpetuating the identity of the users of its creations.

The next step is to identify the industrial partner(s) capable of producing and protecting the intellectual property of companies wishing to introduce new concepts to their offer. Depending on the needs of its customers, HTD-ID is able to offer partnerships with solid and reliable factories.


  • Optical, copper and 19’’ cabling network solutions

  • Building

  • Industry

  • Communication

  • Broadcasting​

  • Creation of innovative concepts

  • From prototypes to validation and mass production​​

  • Outsourcing new partners

  • Negotiation of financial terms/prices

  • Production follow-up

  • Cost optimization up and Q​​

  • Updating product lines

  • technical and commercial argument

  • Digital marketing supports

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These buildings use our products

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Data Center Near Tour - France

Independant Data Center - France

Government building bulgaria

Underground Data Network infrastructure - Bulgaria

Strategic Data Center Normandie

Data Center in Normandie - France

Campus Network Saclay - France

Paris Saclay Campus Network - France

Laboratoire de FAI - France

Telecom Laboratory Courbevoie - France

Data Center - St-Denis - France

Data Center Saint-Denis - France

Synchroton - Suède

Particle accelerator - Sweden

Data center Clichy - France

Data Center Clichy - France

Campus Network Chatillon

Campus Network Chatillon - France

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