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The VIGI PAN MOD 24 R1 K panel is a modular panel for 24 RJ45 keystones, shielded or not.


Its front face can be retracted to provide additional recoil in 19 '' cabinets where the 19 '' uprights are very close to the front door, or when the density of existing cords does not leave room for patching.


Its rear cable support is also adjustable to offer the same spirit of installation flexibility when every inch can become extremely valuable.


The front face is screen printed with a marking area above each keystone and numbering below. Another important and doubly practical element, a notch above each port can accommodate a colored insert for additional signage, and when the insert is removed, this allows to insert a small flat screwdriver in order to unclip the keystones by the 'before.


Keystones accepted: Most narrow formats are compatible


Color: Black
  • Material: steel

    Dimensions: Width 482.6 x Depth 250 x Height 44.45

    Black color

    Weight: 3.5 kg

  • On command

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