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The luminous uniboot LC optical cords  VIGI 2  LCLC L M3 3 is a very practical LC duplex optical cord for high density use.


Indeed, the duplex optical cable used includes two conductive wires connected to a USB C socket located at the back of the two duplex LC connectors.


A Power Bank as well as a USB C - USB C cable to connect the PowerBank to the back of one of the two LC connectors allow current to be injected along the cable. This current powers a small light which is integrated into the  connector  LC.


So much time saved for brewing! No more need to look for the other end of a patch cord, no more risk of disconnecting the wrong one by mistake, and no more need for a numbered label to identify an optical cord, it lights up, which is an essential asset that makes even more sense in an overloaded rack.


The fibers available are in multimode  and single mode.

There are standard lengths, but specific lengths are possible on order.



  • Material: LSOH HFFR cable sheath

    Dimensions: lengths from 1m to 15m as standard or to order

    Color: according to cable performance, OM3, OM4, OM5, OS2

    Weight: depending on the length

  • On demand

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