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The server bay  19 '' VIGI BCE  880  is part of a range of cabling bays  42U, 45U and 47U high,  width 600 or 800, and  with a depth of 600, 800 or 1000


Its micro-perforated front door offers the right balance between optimal ventilation and major mechanical protection but  a glass door is also available on request. The amounts  cabling (8.5mm squares) are numbered and adjusted in 25mm steps.

By default, this bay is delivered with 2 side reinforcement rails, but 2 additional pairs can be added for a significant additional load. 


Different options are also available on request, such as a roof plate with 4 fans, without loss of useful height or micro-perforated double doors.

VIGI BCE 42,880

Color: Black
  • Material: steel

    Dimensions: Width 600/800 x Depth 600/800/1000  x High 42U to 47U

    Black color

    Weight: 120 kg

  • On demand

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