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The wall box  optical  VIGI BOM  96  2 F  is a dual function box that can be wall mounted  or in a bay or box  19''.


It is modular  and receives up to 6  modules for optical feedthroughs of up to 16 fibers.


The 6 modules are clipped  on the internal front face and are mechanically protected

Splicing is possible thanks to cassettes provided for this purpose (not included)


This box  offers a maximum density of 96 fibers over a height of 2U, and an interesting modularity for all sites that may need to mix several types of connectors (mainly ST, SC and LC).


The connectors  as well as the garters are mechanically protected from accidental shocks by the front door of the drawer as well as its occulus cover.


At the exit, the  garters are guided  and secured laterally by blue combs, up to the openings provided on each side.


The rear stowage of the cables is also done on each side, either at the side entry, are straight.


Color: Black
  • Material: Steel

    Dimensions: Width 480  x Depth 310  x High 88

    Black color

    Weight: 9.50 Kg

  • On demand

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