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The server bay  19 '' VIGI BS4 810  is part of a range of server racks  42U, 45U and 47U high,  width 600 or 800, and  800, 1000 or 1200 deep


Its micro-perforated front door offers the right balance between optimal ventilation and major mechanical protection. Its curved design allows very dense front mixing without the risk of not being able to close the bay.  The server uprights (9.5mm square) are numbered by cutting  laser.

By default, this bay is delivered with 2 side reinforcement rails, but 2 additional pairs can be added for a significant additional load. 


Different options are also available on request, such as 19 '' intermediate uprights for rear mounting of shorter equipment,  a roof plate with 8 fans, without loss of useful height or micro-perforated double doors

VIGI BS 42 810

Color: Black
  • Material: steel

    Dimensions: Width 600/800 x Depth 800/1000/1200  x High 42U to 47U

    Black color

    Weight: 140 kg

  • On command

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