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The VIGI FPA 6U P500 19'' wall-mounted enclosure is part of a range of ultra-light Flat Pack fixed wiring enclosures.


It assembles quickly and easily thanks to its corner pieces in resistant ABS-PC which fit into the aluminum profiles that make up its frame. This range exist in 6U, 8U, 12U and 15U height, and 500mm depth.


The box is reversible. Its micro-perforated front door allows better heat dissipation while protecting against mechanical shocks.

The largely perforated side panels are removable and close with a key.

The 19'' uprights are marked at each U and are adjustable in depth.

At the rear, 4 drilled corner plates serve as wall mounting template and stiffen the whole thing.

The cable entries are 4 in number, at the top and bottom of the box, with a diameter of 50mm to allow the influx of bundles of several cables


This box is delivered as a kit.


Color: beige
  • Material: aluminum frame, aluminum panels

    Dimensions: Width 600 x Depth 500 x Height 380


    Weight: 15.7 Kg

  • On demand

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