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The VIGI MT cassette  12 Oxx is a cassette  MTP / LC converter that fits in the drawer  VIGI OP 144 3L1  modular for 12  12 fiber strand cassettes  optics.


The "slim" format of this cassette allows  a maximum density over a height of 1U at strategic sites such as Data Centers.


At the output, the LC connectors are sealed with a dust cover to secure the connection to the network switch.  At the input, the MTP connector allows MTP / MTP links of 12 fibers having a very small diameter and therefore a minimal footprint. 


This cassette is available in OM3, OM4, OM5 but also in singlemode, PC or APC.

VIGI MT 12 Oxx

Color: Black
  • Composite material

    Dimensions: Width 95  x Depth 124.5  x Top 12

    Color: transparent black

    Weight: 0.03  Kg

  • On demand

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