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The optical panel VIGI OP 144 12T1 is a modular panel for 12 cassettes of 12 fibres each.


The 12 cassettes are clipped directly onto the fixed front panel.

Cassettes accepted are MTP/LC conversion cassettes and/or splice cassettes.


This panel offers a maximum density of 144 fibers in a height of 1U at sites where the density of optical connections is a critical issue in terms of saving space in racks, such as data centers.


The rear cables entry is also done on each side, in lateral way, which allows to gain in depth.

VIGI OP 144 12T1

Color: Black
  • Material: Steel

    Dimensions: Width 482.6 x Depth 371.2 x Height 44

    Black color

    Weight: 4.50 Kg

  • On demand

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