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The VIGI PC4 SF6A 3G Category RJ45 cord is a cord  valuable for high-density networks.


Indeed, two parts behind the RJ45 connector are interchangeable, namely the anti-snag protection tab as well as a double reading label holder, rear and top, depending on the location of the cord in the bay.


So much time saved for brewing!

Identification by double composition of colors allows immediate and evolving identification.  Several lengths are available as standard and several colors of tongue protector and label holder.


The standard overmoulding is black, but on request, other colors are possible.



Sheath: Gray
  • Material: LSOH HFFR cable sheath, 

    Dimensions: lengths from 1m to 10m as standard or to order

    Weight: depending on the length

    Section: AWG27

    Performance: 600 MHz, ISO/IEC 11801 and EIA/TIA 568A/B compliant

  • On demand

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